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About Us

We are a group of parents and professionals who are passionate about helping our children with learning disabilities in order to increase academic success and personal success.

We work together to create a hub for organizations who are committed to changing the world for ALL children who suffers with a learning disability in and around the Greater Baton Rouge Area.

We believe that it is important to collaborate with organizations from around our parish in the Greater Baton Rouge Community to work to help children with learning disabilities create a productive educational environment.

Our LD (Learning Disabled) children deserve the best our community has to offer and this coalition works to bring together parents and professionals equipped to improve education for our kids with learning disabilities.

We believe that through professional development, networking and advocacy, this coalition can give parents and professionals the tools they need to move LD (Learning Disabled) kids through school successfully and into their career.


Our Mission is to educate, support, and facilitate information between parents, teachers, and helping professionals about the signs, symptoms, treatment, and remediation resources available for dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, autism, and the mental health issues that often co-exist with these conditions in the Greater Baton Rouge Area.

Our Vision is to create a centralized means of sharing information and support for parents of children and for adults with learning disabilities, mental health services for children and adolescents, helping professionals, and educators in the Greater Baton Rouge Area.

Our Event

CW Austin Learning Disabilities Conference

Saturday, February 4, 2017
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM CST

State Police Training Academy
7901 Independence Boulevard
Building A
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

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Upcoming Speakers

Georgann Mire
Georgann Mire

Founder, CW Austin Learning Disabilities Conference, Co-Founder and VP, Greater Baton Rouge Learning Disabilities Coalition, Educational Consultant in Private practice, Accomodations Specialist, Baton Rouge Community College Office of Disability Services, Board Member, Louisiana Branch of International Dyslexia Association

Speaking On: Experience the Frustration of Learning Disabilities

Bethany Robicheaux
Bethany Robicheaux

Director of Special Education for the Diocese of Baton Rouge

Speaking On: Building a Community of Care

William B. Daigle
William B. Daigle

Ph.D. (private practice)

Speaking On: BRIDGING THE DIVIDE: Tips for Effective Parent-Teacher-Parent Communication

Jane St. Pierre
Jane St. Pierre

BS, Certified Teacher (1-8), Certified Kindergarten Teacher, Certified Reading Recovery Teacher, Mother of an LD Student for 18 years

Speaking On: Educating Your LD Child at Home: the "Road Less Traveled" Could Perhaps "Makes All the Difference

Lisa Hibner
Lisa Hibner

Director of the Baton Rouge Community College Career Center

Speaking On: Career Development for Youth with Learning Differences

Our Team

Tracey Tozier
GBRLDC Founder
Ashley Bourque Meaux
Belynda Gauthier
Board Member
Brenda Dawson
Board Member
Mary Dawson
Board Member
William Daigle
Board Member